EXTENDED until 4/30/2019
Because of the overwhelming interest, we were not able to let everyone who wanted to participate find time to be fit in before our Ink4Autism fundraiser began on 4/1, so we have decided to have our Paw Print Fundraiser continue through April 30th as well as run our usual April fundraiser for Autism Awareness month! HBA is making April filled with fun ways to give back!
Get one of these Paw Print Tattoos until April 30th & help us pay for this Rescue Dog, BALOO, to be trained as a Service Dog to be gifted to a Local Autistic Child, from our amazing friends at Heroes, Horses and Hounds!
A portion of ea. $60 Paw print will be donated to this Non Profit. Thank You to everyone who has also just been donating to Baloo’s training even though not getting a tattoo!?
Heroes, Horses and Hounds is saving two lives at once by rescuing unwanted horses and dogs to be retrained for service and animal assisted programs designed to give disabled people their independence.
Thank you for helping us make this happen! Watch News 40 Surprise Squad with Brittany Murphy during April vacation to see who the lucky family is! *tattoos are walk-in only
*no modifications to design, *must be done as size shown or smaller at artist discretion *no hands, face or neck, (behind ear at artist discretion)

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We have started a GoFundMe page for additional donations to our fundraiser. We want to thank everyone that has come in and donated through getting one of our paw print designs and all of our other customers for leaving donations while in the studio.


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THANK YOU WHMP for interviewing the ladies from Heroes Horses & Hounds & bringing attention to our Paw Print Tattoo fundraiser! Listen here to this amazingly positive & informative interview! ????


Ink for autism 2019

April is national autism awareness month, & for the 7th year in a row,  Haven Body Arts is participating in INK 4 AUTISM, where we celebrate those in our lives that are on the Autism spectrum by permanently showing our support by getting tattooed & donating a portion of the proceeds to local Autism non-profits. This year both Erin & Natalie will be offering tattoos off of our Autism Awareness Flash Sheets. We will have three flash sheets this year in hopes that everyone can find something they like in a price range that you are comfortable with… If you would like to get a custom Autism related tattoo, rather then our Flash, a portion of all the proceeds will be donated for our 3rd year to Autism Connections in Easthampton Ma. keeping our support more local. Call or come in to book an appointment & help us give back to those who have been touched by loved ones on the autism spectrum.

Ink4Autism is a fundraising campaign that encourages tattoo shops and artists to partner with local non-profit autism charities, programs and/or organizations to help support those on the autism spectrum during the month of April which is Autism Awareness Month.
Since 2012 over 250 participating shops have raised over $100,000 and has spread to a worldwide movement in support of those on the autism spectrum.

For this discounted rate, & donation the flash tattoos must be done EXACTLY as seen here with the exception of adding color (for a small additional fee)! If you prefer, you can bring in artwork of your own or you can have either Erin or Natalie help to create you a custom design and HBA will still donate a portion of the proceeds of all Autism related tattoos to Autism Connection in Easthampton Ma. for the whole month of April!

Flash Tattoos are walk-in Only & are not offered on hands, face, or neck. No free touch ups. Color available for small additional fee. Flash sheet designs cannot be changed (some designs can be made smaller, that is the only exception). We hope to see you soon & let’s make this years Ink for Autism fundraiser the most successful yet! Don’t forget, we still are doing our paw print fundraiser for heroes horses and hounds to help train a service dog for a family with an autistic child…