Get one of these Paw Print Tattoos from 3/18-3/31/19 to help pay for this Rescue Dog BALOO to be trained as a Service Dog to be gifted to a Local Autistic Child, from our amazing friends at heroes horses and hounds!
A portion of ea. $60 Paw print will be donated to this Non Profit.
Heroes, Horses and Hounds is saving two lives at once by rescuing unwanted horses and dogs to be retrained for service and animal assisted programs designed to give disabled people their independence.
Thank you for helping us make this happen! Watch News 40 Surprise Squad with Brittany Murphy during April vacation to see who the lucky family is!

*tattoos are walk-in only
*no modifications to design,
*must be done as size shown or smaller at artist discretion
*no hands, face or neck, (behind ear at artist discretion)