April is national autism awareness month, & for the 5th year in a row, Haven Body Arts is participating in INK 4 AUTISM, where we celebrate those in our lives that have Autism by permanently showing our support by getting an Autism tattoo. This year both Erin & Justin will be offering puzzle piece tattoos off of our Autism Awareness Flash Sheet for only $60-$100! If you would like to get a custom Autism related tattoo, rather then Flash, a portion of all the proceeds will be donated for our 2nd year to Autism Connections in Easthampton Ma. keeping our support more local. Call or come in to book an appointment & help us give back to those who have been touched by loved ones with Autism 
Last year over 250 tattoo shops participated from 11 countries around the world. Shops from Canada, the US, Australia, United Kingdom, Romania, Norway, south Africa, Germany, Hungary, Sweden and Israel. To date, Ink 4 autism has raised over $80,000 worldwide.