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I started my apprenticeship in 2009 at Acute Body Arts in Quinebaug, Ct. After a year I started to pierce part time at the same studio. I quickly became the full time piercer there and continued working there until 2012. In July of 2012 I began piercing at Miraculous Creations in Worcester, Ma full time. From there I joined the team at HBA in January of 2014.

Since the beginning of my my apprenticeship I have strived to learn as much as I can about piercing, jewelry, aseptic technique, and bedside manner. I have attended several seminars for piercing, magnetic implants, and genital beads. I have been fortunate enough to compete at conventions and contests. I have won “Best Overall Male Piercing” at the MTAF in 2010, 2011, and 2013. I have also won 2nd place in “Earmageddon” (BVLA Category).

I love every aspect of piercing and will continue to learn and grow every day as a piercer both for myself and more importantly for you, my client. This experience should be all about you and I pride myself on great bedside manner and professionalism and creating a relaxing but fun experience for you.

Custom projects and creating jewelry specific to a client are my favorite things to do but I enjoy each and every piercing I do.

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Jay-Custom-Haven-Body-Arts-Piercing-Tattoo-Northampton-MA-01060 (3)
Jay-Custom-Haven-Body-Arts-Piercing-Tattoo-Northampton-MA-01060 (4)
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