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  • Dannielle Becker

    “I took my daughter to get her nose pierced on 12/1.. Jay was AMAZING… I would recommend Haven over and over again.. and we will be back soon!!!”

  • Kaitlin Taylor

    “I brought my 7 year old in to have her ears pierced, and she had the best experience. Jay was patient, calm, and made my daughter comfortable throughout the entire visit. I will definitely be recommending Haven to friends and family!”

  • Jamie Theresa

    “My daughter wanted to get her ears pierced for her 8th birthday so I started doing some research and decided to skip the mall piercing gun madness and take her to a professional. I saw so many wonderful reviews about Jay at Haven that I decided this was our place to go. I feel so grateful that I can now write my own review about our stellar experience!
    I decided to take her in to see the shop and meet Jay last week. She was a bit nervous but after meeting him she got super excited! We went in yesterday on her birthday and the entire experience was nothing short of perfection! Jay has a super friendly, calming way about him. He clearly knows how to talk to children and make them feel comfortable. From the get go he made it clear that she was the boss and the one in charge. He put on a Disney playlist which was awesome. Explained exactly what was happening every step of the way and asked her permission for anything that had to do with her personal space. He made her laugh and smile the entire time. Took his time, chatted with her, didn’t rush at all. As parents we want what’s best for our kids and I’m certain this was the best possible experience with ear piercing she could have had! She keeps talking about how happy she is with her new earrings and how she is so happy that she did it and how much she liked Jay. She has had absolutely zero pain or even been at all uncomfortable since. The quality jewelry that is used is awesome too. As a kid who got mall pierced I can remember the torture of the pointy earring backs poking me when i laid down at night, the flat backs are sooo much better. Thank you so very much for making this such an awesome experience and a memorable moment for both of us. I will, for sure, highly recommend this shop to anyone i know who is thinking of getting a piercing. Most importantly parents with kids who may tend to overlook a professional piercer and head to the mall.”

  • Michelle Zaleski

    “My daughter and I have been pierced by Jay and will be returning for more (I have a project coming up and she has a few ideas for the upcoming months)! Jay talks you through everything and has a great eye when it comes to helping you find the perfect spot for your next piece of body jewelry. This shop also has the best selection we’ve seen in MA so far!
    Everyone makes you feel comfortable and welcome.  You won’t be disappointed if you make the trek, we drive 1.5 hours every time to do so!”

  • Marykate Jillson

    “I brought my almost three year old daughter today to get her ears pierced. She has some social and communication disorders so she wanted to have earrings but didn’t want a stranger to do it. I reached out about visiting so we could become friends with a piercer so she could make the decision herself. I immediately heard back from Jay with an amazing response about being excited to met her, ways to make her feel comfortable, suggestions to make it a great experience for my daughter and offered time to just hang out so she could get familiar with the environment and Jay and everything. We came in and Jay was unbelievable with her;she didn’t say much but he was able to read her body language and response and understand how she was feeling. He gave her a tour and talked her through each and every thing. She decided she was ready TODAY ! I expected to need to visit a handful of times before she was ready. Jay fit us in and never made us feel rushed in any way. He had no problem with our daughter wanting myself, my husband and her two siblings in the room as well. He included her in each part of the process and was so upbeat and positive. Both my husband and I were so blown away by the entire experience. As a parent it was so great to watch our daughter feel comfortable and in control and make a decision on her own. We will be recommending Jay to everyone ! Her earrings look great and the whole family had a really fun day !”

  • Janelle Marie

    “We had an amazing experience with Jay today!! My 5 year old daughter had her ears pierced- he was so good with her and made her (and I) feel so comfortable!! I highly recommend Jay and look forward to heading back to get my youngest daughters ears pierced soon!!”


    “When my 14 year old daughter came to me and said she wanted to pierce her nose, my first instinct was to say NO. I stopped myself and started asking questions. She explained what she wanted to do and why. I told her I wanted to talk with her cousins. Her cousins are in their 30’s and have nose studs. They answered all our questions and told us about Penelope and Haven Body Arts. So the day after Christmas, I took my daughter out to Northampton. When we entered the very clean establishment, we were met by a very sweet, helpful, and informative staff member. Then we met our piercer, Penelope. Penelope was the perfect match for my daughter and I. Penelope was very patient as she explained everything several times to us. Penelope also had a great sense of humor and gentle bed side manner which went a long way in relaxing both my daughter and I. She was professional as she sanitized and walked us through exactly what she was going to do. Afterwards, we all laughed and joked about music and other interests. My daughter and I left Haven feeling like we had a new best friend. Overall an excellent experience. Thank you Penelope for being YOU!”

  • Ivy Musa

    “Jay is simply amazing. Our 8 year old was a little nervous to get her lobes pierced but he made it as comfortable as possible by giving her complete control over the process. He was incredibly patient and respectful, and I was impressed with how meticulous he was from start to finish. Parents, please do not let a mall employee get a hold of your kids ears. Bring them to Haven.”

  • Jennifer Marie

    “I brought my 9 year old and 4 year old to get their ears pierced. Jay was endlessly understanding and patient. My 4 year old ended up getting just one lobe pierced and my 9 year old didn’t go through with it. But when she cried on the way home, and I turned back around, Jay was so sweet and she got both ears done! I am beyond thrilled with the entire experience, start to finish.”


    “Thank you so much for the great experience with my 7 year old’s ear piercings today! Jay was wonderful with my daughter, and your staff was great as well. Very professional, clean, and knowledgeable staff. Absolutely recommend.”


    “Penelope was awesome! My daughters are 13 and 24 and we had a great time getting our helixes pierced! Lots of smiles and laughs. We are treating them now and changing our pillow cases. I like how P reminded my youngest about care…thank you! …and Christina was great at the counter”


    “I can’t say enough good things about Haven Body Arts. I took my 8 year old daughter to get her ears pierced today and Jay was amazing. I knew I wanted to take her to a professional, but I was unsure of whether a studio would accommodate a child. Haven Body Arts knocked it out of the park. Jay explained everything to her and made it clear that she was in the driver’s seat. There would be no shame if she needed to stop, take a break, not finish, or walk out. No biggie. It was on her terms. As a mother of a child, particularly a daughter, going to a place that accommodated her in this way was incredibly meaningful to me. This was her choice and it’s her body. Jay empowered her to feel that way. On top of all that, he was incredibly professional, kind, and warm. She was in a private room that was as sterile as an out patient clinic and all the staff were friendly and helpful (and very patient as she took FOREVER to pick an earring style). If you have a child and you live within driving distance to Northampton, go to Haven Body Arts. We drove out from Boston. If you don’t live nearby, call them and ask for a recommendation for a place near you. Let’s stop the mall piercing madness, one kid at a time.”


    “My kid’s earlobes healed perfectly, not a single moment of redness in either lobe. xoxo”


    “I brought my daughter in to have her ears pierced for her 7th birthday. She had such a good time and was so happy that it didn’t hurt at all! I was so super impressed with how clean/sterile all the equipment was, how polite everyone was, and Jay was great. He took the time to explain everything to us both as he went so there were no surprises. I highly recommend them to any parents I know who want to get their kids ears pierced!”


    “We had an excellent experience with Jay today. He pierced my nervous 10 year old. He was calm and comforting, explaining every step before it happened and Bryanna got her highly anticipated ear piercing done! She is so happy! Thanks so much!”


    “Brought my daughter in for a bar in her ear last night. Staff was excellent!! Jay was super nice and very professional. Made us feel very relaxed and confident in our choice to use them.”